NEMC-2D.C. Filter Capacitor
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 It is applied to an AC filter circuit. By using high quality polypropylene film as medium and metalized
layer as electrode plastic shell structure, it is filled with retardant UL94-V0 epoxy resin.
 It is featured with excellent self-healing, stable capacitance, low loss, high reliability and stable.
 There’s a fixed installation hole in one side in order to install the capacitors easily.
 The two electrodes are made of tinned copper and there’s fixed nut under the copper in order to install
the capacitors easily.
Suitable for:
 It can be applied to the vehicle and connected to the power line to absorb the peak surge voltage generated
by the inductor of BEMF, which change the waves into smooth in order to restrain or reduce the noise.
Main Parameters:
Capacitance range:0.5~5μF
Rated voltage:850VDC
Capacitance tolerance:±10%
Between terminal and termina1;1.5 Un, DC,10s no breakdown and flash
Between terminal and case:2500V~,10s no breakdown and flash
Insulation resistance: ≥5000MΩ (500VDC)
Dissipation Factor: ≤0.0020(1kHz)
Climate category:40/85/21
Standard: GB/T 17702 (idt IEC 61071)
Note:Other specifications and requirements can be customized according to customer requirements
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