TBBG Thyristor-type low voltage reactive power compensation device
 Compensation device are make up of power capacitors, power factor meters(reactive power compensation
controller), the total power controller (circuit breaker), the silicon switch, reactors and so on.
Switching fast response, zero switching, no flow, no shock, will not cause the grid voltage flicker.
 There are power factor meter, ammeter, voltmeter, lights and other devices on the compensation panel, user-
friendly real-time observation.Compensation device cabinet is made of high quality cold-rolled steel, good
and strong corrosion resistance for the spray outer surface.Full protection function, such as over voltage,
over flat current, short circuit and so on, the parameter setting expediently, automatically exits the
relevant operation when an external fault occurs and automatically resume operation after power.
 Strong Anti-interference ability, fast response(<20ms). No noise and no mechanical wear during operating,
that greatly extended service life.
Suitable for:
Transmission and distribution, power transmission stations and improve the power factor, etc.
Main Parameters:
Rated voltage: 400V, 440V, 500V, 600V
Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated compensation Capacitance:20~150kVar
Operating voltage range: 0.8~1.1Un
Capacitor Connection: : Δ
Measurement tolerance: Voltage:±0.5%; Current: ±1.0%; Reactive: ±1.0%
Switching: Automatically Switching cycle
Switching delay: 0.1~99 seconds adjustable
The maximum allowable over- current:1.30 multiplier constant current
Power factor setting: 0.7 inductive to 0.7 capacitive ambient temperature: -10℃~+55℃
Relative humidity:85%
Air condition: strong salt spray and oceanic characteristics.
Standard: GB/T 15576; GB/T 12747;
Note:Other specifications and requirements can be customized according to customer requirements
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