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Capacitor of Medical Equipment
It is used in AC filter circuits with iron case of square structure. It is filled with retardance UL94-V0
Epoxy. It is featured with excellent self-healing, stable capacitance, low loss, high reliability,good
heat-resistance, good damp-resistance, stable and reliable electrical properties. It is also built with
internal pressure explosion proof equipment, which is highly safe.
Suitable for:
Applied to CT equipment, Nuclear magnetic resonance and other medical equipment etc.
Main Parameters:
Rated Voltage: 500V(50/60Hz)
Capacitance Range:10μF~100μF
Capacitance Tolerance: ±10%
Withstand voltage: 2500V~,10s, No puncture and flash-over
Withstand voltage:2500V~,10s, No puncture and arc over
Dissipation Factor: ≤0.0020%(Rated Frequency)
Maximum Voltage: 1.1Un
Maximum Current: 1.3In
Note:Other specifications and requirements can be customized according to customer requirements
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