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Refrigerators' run & start combined capacitors

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Apply to AC single-phase motor's start and operation which rated frequency range is 50Hz to 60Hz.Combine the
start and running capacitor, there are two capacitors in the shell and share one electrode. Saving
installation space and improving installation efficiency.

Metallized Polypropylene film, cylindrical aluminium case in a structure of completely sealing. Good pressure

capacitance stability and low loss, good heat & moisture-resisting, stable electrical performance, built-in
safety explosion proof, high safety.
Application :
Commercial compressor
The equipment of intermittent/start operating conditions
Specification :
Rated voltage Un: 250Vac to 450Vac(Operating); 160Vac to 330Vac (50/60Hz) (Starting)
Rated capacity Cn: 1μF~35μF(Operating) 20μF~280μF (Starting)
Capacitance tolerance: ±5% (Operating), ± 10% (starting)
Loss tangent tgδ:≤ 0.0020 (Operating), ≤ 0.0120 (starting) (100Hz)
Climate class: 40/85/21
Safety class: S2
Life class: B (Operating), 1S ON+59S OFF, 500h (start)
Certifications: CQC, VDE, UL
Note:Other specifications and requirements can be customized according to customer requirements